RPCA Mission Statement

We aim to assist in developing and fostering community spirit and involvement and to work closely with the other groups in the Renfrew-Collingwood Neighbourhood. We aim to provide cultural, intellectual and physical activities through affordable recreation and leisure.

RPCA Memberships

September 1, 2021-August 31, 2022 The Renfrew Park Community Association (RPCA) is vital to the operation of the facilities and programs at Renfrew Park Community Centre. Benefits of Association Membership:

  • Contributing to our ability to offer affordable recreation programming.
  • Ability to influence the implementation of programs and services provided by RPCA.
  • Have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Memberships improve and simplify the registration process.

Memberships are available for FREE, please come into the Community Centre to load your membership on to your OneCard. If you do not want to become a member of Renfrew Park Community Association, please notify our staff at the time of registration. For games room, piano practice, drop-in computer use, and sports equipment rental, please register for the Equipment Rental Fee

Board of Directors 2020-2021

President Albert Lee
1st Vice President Anthony Mehnert
2nd Vice President Erin Shum
Treasurer Chao Cheng
Secretary Judy Egerton
Past President Henry Lee

Members at Large
Donald Jiang, Helen Lee, Fay Lin, Sari Lundberg, Eddie Tang, Gayle Uthoff

Audited Financial Statements of the RPCA

2020-2021 – Financial Statements

2019-2020 – Financial Statements

2018-2019 – Financial Statements

2017-2018 – Financial Statements

Retained Earnings Plan

At the end of 2019-2020 fiscal year, RPCA’s retained earnings were $334,211.  In 2018-2019 $45,000 was spent on our kitchen renovation and in 2019-2020 the remaining $247,643 was spent to complete the renovation.  According to the Joint Operating Agreement, retained earnings will be used to offset significant projected operating losses of $124,000 for the 2020-2021 fiscal year due to Covid 19.

Annual General Meeting Report




Board of Directors Nomination Form 2021-2022

Please see our online application form here

President’s Message

It has been a year since the community centre was closed last March due to Covid-19.  The Centre reopened in September after a successful outdoor summer day camp program in July and August.  In the past six months we have restarted some programs, mainly for youth, seniors and child care as they are considered priority programming groups. Due to extended Provincial Health Order restrictions, we have canceled senior non-essential, social and high intensity aerobic programs since December.

With the lowered capacity and the caution exercised by our patrons towards indoor programs, most of the programs were run at a loss.  The Association has continued to support these programs using the contingency funds we have built up in the past.  We are also getting help from the governments through the emergency measures that have been implemented, such as the CEWS.

The pandemic has changed the way that most of our programs were delivered.  In-person participation is challenging at this stage.   A new initiative shared by all the community association is online programming.  We are crossing a bridge that we have never crossed before.  There are many issues to be considered, some technical and some policy and execution related.  The Park Board is also working hard to determine how online programs can be delivered.  Renfrew was chosen as one of six centres to run a pilot project for which we filmed two sessions of food demonstration at the newly upgraded kitchen.  The Association also ran an online event on February 26th to celebrate the lunar new year with the Chinese seniors as a replacement of the large luncheon party that we held in the gym previously.  In doing so, we gained valuable experience on the issues that we need to resolve when inviting a large group of people who have language barrier and essentially no online experience to join in an online event.

We had to postpone the AGM from January 9th to March 27th as the stricter Covid-19 protocols made it impossible to have in-person participation at the Centre as originally planned.  I urge you to take part in the upcoming AGM.  As the Association continues to work hard to adjust our operation to fit the new normal it is important to work closely with our members to understand their concerns and needs and use this information to help us do a better job at servicing the community. The AGM is an ideal opportunity for you to do so.  We are facing a very tough time and we are all impacted by this pandemic.  We need to work together and, only by doing so, we can come out better and stronger.

Please call the Centre, 604-257-8388 ext. 1, to sign up for the AGM or register online using the activity number 292656 at the website recreation.vancouver.ca.  I look forward to connecting with you digitally at the AGM.


Albert Lee
Renfrew Park Community Association President

Renfrew Park Community Centre is jointly operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation and the Renfrew Park Community Association.

If you would like to become more involved in the direction of the centre, email: renfrewparkcommunity@gmail.com