Board of Directors 2016-2017

President Henry Lee
1st Vice President Albert Lee
2nd Vice President Tommy Huang
Treasurer David Sexton
Secretary Judy Egerton
Past President Gayle Uthoff

Members at Large
Chao Cheng, John Chow, Helen Lee, Fay Lin, Sari Lundberg, Anthony Mehnert, Eddie Tang

Winter 2017 President’s Message

Happy New Year!

I invite you to look through our 2017 brochure and register for any of the upcoming
programs, activities and events. Thank you to the Renfrew Program staff for putting
together our first 2017 Renfrew Park Community Centre brochure.

The start of 2017 has been a very busy time for our Renfrew Park Community Association
(RPCA). Our directors are busy with the Joint Operating Agreement negotiations
with the Vancouver Park Board (VPB) and the Introduction of the New Societies Act.
The Societies Act has been revamped and our RPCA needs to be in compliance by 2018.

RPCA is a non-profit society made up of volunteers who work jointly with VPB to
deliver programs, events, and activities. Please contact the centre staff or leave your
contact information at


Henry Lee

Renfrew Park Community Centre is jointly operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation and the Renfrew Park Community Association.


Renfrew Park Community Association explores the needs for diversity and interculturalism

within the organization, developing new initiatives to build a stronger, healthier community.